Reg Modlin Blog Series

Editor’s Note: Reg Modlin is a senior NRS Advisor and a veteran of 40-plus years in the automotive industry. In the following posts, he examines the steps that have been taken – and need to be taken – to attain the transportation fuel that best serves our nation for years ahead.

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Part 1: FUEL FOR THE FUTURE – An Introduction

Part 2: FUEL FOR THE FUTURE – What is the Overall Picture of a “Future Fuel” Today?

Part 3: FUEL FOR THE FUTURE – Ethanol is Available Now to Provide HOLC Gasoline at Least Cost to Consumers

Part 4: FUEL FOR THE FUTURE – Infrastructure on Track to Support On-Time Transition to HOLC Ethanol-Based Fuel by 2023

Part 5: FUEL FOR THE FUTURE – EPA’s Task is to Assure Protection of the Health of Americans via the Best Fuel/Vehicle Performance at Least Cost